Production Services


Our working process at Soliman Productions has been proven to be effective and efficient over the years. We continue to add new elements to our working process in order to ensure clients receive the ideal finished product. From the team filming the videos to the editing team carefully going over each second of footage, we’ve built a group of video production services professionals that have a clear vision for compelling footage.


Here’s how we help build your unique vision through our expertise:


In the pre-production phase, a dedicated project manager will work with you to determine the ideal content for your video. We’ll analyze the timing for the footage and determine the location. Our experts will create a storyboard or script of all the key elements involved in the video to help fine-tune the content so that important messages are highlighted effectively. As part of the pre-production process, we’ll discuss the budget with your team and work to allocate your resources most effectively, to assure the ideal result from your video content.

Scheduling the Shoot

Once all the production elements are in place, we’ll schedule the shoot for you. This process involves all of the logistics that come with scheduling from sharing interview questions in advance, booking any travel accommodations and more. We’ll also make sure that all equipment is available and confirm all the details with your team so that everyone is on the same page regarding the shooting process.

The Day of the Shoot

On the day of the shoot, our production team will be at the venue ready to guide the process. Whether you’ve booked professional presenters through our team or simply require camera work, we’ll have the requisite resources available ready for professional videography. Our team comes fully prepared for the day and is flexible to any last-minute changes you may wish to make. For the entire allotted timeframe of the shoot, our experts can answer your questions and ensure the right footage is created.


Our editing team take over for the post production process. We analyze the footage and determine the best way to show your brand in its most positive light. During this process, we’ll keep you informed at every stage. Our editing team will work to align the footage with your marketing objectives, bringing to the core elements that captivate qualified audiences and compel them to take further interest in your organization. We typically offer two rounds of revisions to ensure we get the final video to meet your expectations.