How To Add New Revenue Streams To Your Event With Video

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There are a few primary elements that drive people to your event - Your education, energy, affiliation opportunities networking and destination. But how do you best monetize these elements? With video. More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day and video can be a key revenue driver for all its content your event produces. 

Here are a number of ways Soliman Productions creates video content to generate revenue at your event.

Promotional Video

Incorporating video into your promotion strategy is key to getting attendees there, as it creates a connection on an emotional level. Through video prospective attendees who are on the fence can visualize their event experience and quickly understand the value of their participation. Promotional videos have a goal, from a call to action to your landing page, a save the date, or showcasing speakers and special guest. 

Using clips from last year’s event will create FOMO and enhance their decision to join, and underscore your trust factor (remember Fyre Festival?). 

Whether it’s tugging at heartstrings for your charity event or showcasing energy and enthusiasm, you want your future attendees to feel a deep emotional connection when viewing information regarding your event. 

Check out this promo, where we captured the passion from the event and created a video that instantly made people want to register.


Ultimately video can increase your registration conversion and conference revenue.

Keynote Footage

We not only capture video content for those who are at an event, but also for those who aren’t. Sharing bits and pieces of keynote speakers extends the life of your content well after the event is over, gives those who couldn’t attend an insider’s look and broadens your audience reach through social sharing. There are several things you can do with keynote footage.


Replaying a session as a webinar is one way to repurpose video content. Many times, webinars are included in a membership, but you can also charge non-members to view the content. Having access to excellent educational content will enhance a member’s brand perception and give them another reason to be a loyal “customer,” who sees value in your organization.

Video Library:
Having a robust website education library is a great way to monetize your content. As mentioned above under webinars, this could be for a member-only benefit, or perhaps require a membership tier upgrade for unlimited access. For non-members, a per-session fee can be charged to access the content and gain CEs. Continuously serving up members with new and relevant content is vital when it comes to revenue. 

Video Ads

Whether you decide to advertise on a simple platform like Facebook or go big with a streaming service or a marketing platform such as AdRoll, video ads can quantifiably drive revenue. Using a promotional video and targeting your audience can instantly gain views from people with interest, but may be unknown to you.

Haven’t explore video ads yet? Here’s why you should:

  1. 51% of marketing professionals across the globe list video as the content with the best ROI.

  2. Video helps grow revenue 49% percent quicker than other forms.

  3. From SERP, video allows a 157% increase in organic traffic.

Here’s a great example of a Facebook video ad.

Video case study

Yes, documentaries are all the rage! But have you ever thought about producing one at your event? It doesn’t need to be too technical. Simply showing a time-lapse of how you built out your main stage, how you fed a mass amount of people with food allergies or made a social impact through your event’s CSR initiative are potential video opportunities. 

Whether short or long, these engaging case studies on film can bring value to attendees and members, those who want to learn more about your industry or potentially attend your events  and partners or sponsors who want to be aligned with your organization. 

B-Roll With Sponsors

Sponsors are wanting to share their support, you can return your appreciation by using video to showcase them to your broader audience. Including their support in video gives sponsors more reasons to invest with you. Including this asset in your sponsorship agreements affirms  you will give them the attention they deserve. Share the video featuring the sponsor across multiple communication channels - online streaming, a webinar, an event recap or a social media post to shine maximum light on your sponsor. 



Exhibitors are continually seeking new ways to drive traffic to their booth and increase their trade show participation ROI. Offering them video production services is both appreciated and profitable for you. Interviews can be conducted on the show floor and broadcasted on your multiple communications channels. A bonus for exhibitors is to provide them with a copy of their video content they can use for their own marketing purposes.


Ready to monetize your video content? Learn how to book our services and set up a call to discuss what’s best for your event by clicking here.