How Event Video Marketing Is Changing in 2019

How Event Video Marketing Is Changing in 2019_SMALL.jpg

Video marketing strategies are no longer options for businesses - especially those in the events industry. Video marketing is an essential that should be a part of every big or small marketing plan. When it comes to video strategy for social media, it’s easy to get frustrated with the ever-changing trends and guidelines - and of course, the dreaded algorithms. But that doesn’t mean that you can brush it aside, in fact, you have to always be on when it comes to video for social.

Here are three trends dominating the rest of the year to incorporate in your video marketing strategy.

Fair and square:

Remember the days when horizontal was the layout for video? Not any more! Square formats are taking over, due to it taking up 78% more space in mobile feeds. But it’s not just square productions that are dominating. You’ll be seeing more and more vertical footage due to Instagram Stories becoming more popular. These are especially popular for behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with keynote speakers at events. Our productions team makes sure you have multiple shots available in all sizes, so videos are utilized and hit the mark on all your social needs.

Short Cuts Will Be Accepted:

Influenced by Instagram stories, shorter video versus longer video are quickly becoming popular. People are enjoying seeing the story told in micro-moments over long productions. Soliman Productions uses shot lists and tells your story in a quick yet qualitative manner to gain more and longer engagement with your audience. We also make sure that your event recap videos instantly captures viewers and keeps their attention from beginning to end.

Digital Advertising Is Dominating The Event Industry: 

According to EventBrite, video around a live event increases “brand favorability” by 63%, and 80% of marketers feel good about the ROI of video ads posted on social media. Having a production team on site ensures that all your story is captured for social and marketing, so your goals are met and exceeded. It also helps you stay on top of your competitors and maintain brand loyalty and awareness.

Video marketing is only going to continue to change at a speed of light pace, but it doesn’t have to be painful. Adding us to your team can ease the stress of capturing event video marketing. Social platforms are now the way to advertise and market, and while it can be frustrating to keep up on trends, it’s only going to get better at as a way to get your company out there. Let us incorporate these trends at your next event. 

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