How Ariana Grande Won Video Marketing

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Ariana Grande is taking 2019 by storm. But it’s not just her music that is making waves. It’s her genius marketing.


Her video, “Thank U Next,” hit sky high views on YouTube, setting the record for the most views in the first 24 hours of release. Since then, she’s released more videos, all with the same success. So how did this pop star bring back the popularity of watching music videos, similarly to those who grew up on MTV experienced? The answer all lied in her video with a vision.


For “Thank U, Next” she treated the video as a live event with a story plot, creating content leading up to the release, and well after. She made teasers using clips, creating massive social engagement. These teasers alone built high anticipation and created waves of word-of-mouth marketing.


Whether you like the singer or not, she created massive FOMO, and left everyone not wanting to be the one that didn’t see the video. After the release of “Thank U, Next,” Grande didn’t let the video content die. She featured “bonus” assets, to continue to tell her story.


The songstress’ strategy proves how important it is to storytell the live event. It also shows with the right type of angle, you can easily get the audience involved in your marketing, leading to authenticity and a personal connection between your consumer and brand.


Here are five main takeaways you can learn from Ariana Grande’s video marketing.


You must storytell with the vision.

We know how important your vision is, and Grande’s team must have worked just as hard as Soliman Productions do to make her ideas come true. We help you bring your story to life, just as Grande did, to meaningfully engage with your audience. Having a narrative of your vision is the first step, and essential when it comes to marketing and getting the proper video content for your needs.


You must have a start, middle and ending.

We pay attention to the complete story arc when working with you. From script writing, show flow, pre-produced content, on-site video and photography, content capture, live streaming and more, we make sure to tell your story using strong visuals as Grande’s team did. Ariana’s crew began their story on Instagram, sharing that the song reached platinum, and the fans would get a video soon to celebrate. From beginning to end, Soliman Productions makes sure you’re getting the most out of what we capture for you, ensuring your full story is told.


You must get personal.

What can set you apart from your competitors? Content that showcases your brand, its personality and the people behind it. The singer incorporated personal pieces of content throughout each delivery, giving people an inside look. Today, even major CEO’s are sharing more of their personal stories. An essential part of our collaboration with you is to ensure we capture your personality and people in a unique manner to showcase the human side of your event or your company.


You can’t forget to recycle.

You don’t need to let good video content die after it is used. Repurpose it, to increase reach and engagement, drive more traffic, boost SEO, and increase leads. Grande is still using repurposed content in order to keep momentum. When creating your vision and story, we make sure it’s the most meaningful and engaging content so it can be repurposed throughout the year.


You must think of social media.

We know for all content we capture, we need to think of the social media audience and the viral possibilities. While you may not rely as heavily on social as Grande did, it’s important to think of ways video can translate to your social media presence. From making sure you have behind the scenes content, to creating Instagram story-friendly sizes, Soliman Productions makes sure your video strategy considers not just one, but all your marketing channels. If you’re ready to take control of the algorithm and have the best quality video content, give us a call or drop us a line.