About Us


Soliman Productions: Experts in Content Creation


With a background in radio and television, Sarah Soliman built Soliman Productions on a foundation of strong working relationships and a trusted personal brand. She has now built a team of like-minded creative professionals equipped to respond to all video and photographic requirements. Soliman Productions is now a recognized specialist for high quality video productions services. In our work, we partner with companies and with event organizers and deliver refined video marketing content to engage prospective audiences.


Who We Service


Event Organizers

Our event services help reach audiences both at the event and outside the event. We offer compelling photography and videography to capture the interest of qualified members year-round. From hosting interviews with event vendors to producing full promotional videos for the event to be disseminated across social media platforms, our event production services drive lasting return on investment.

Business Owners

If you’re a business owner, you cannot afford to limit the digital reach of your brand. Digital marketing is now the centerpiece at the public relations table and your brand must have a professionally crafted digital content. We work with companies to build social media, event, and promotional content that drives engagement across digital platforms. We use our innate understanding of videography, design, and branding to craft content that tells a story and sells a vision to audiences.