How to Maximize Video Production Content in Washington, DC

Soliman Productions lists 5 reasons that every association should consider adding professional-shot video to their marketing lineup. Find out more about our video production services & more. Contact us today.


How Associations Can Maximize Content by Choosing the Right Company for Video Production in Washington, DC

Many Washington, DC associations are realizing the power of content-rich video. With the ability to reach and recruit new members, connect with existing members, and provide a unique way to market and stand apart from the competition, a video is a tool that your association can’t afford to miss out on. As associations increase their use of professional video production in Washington, DC, they are learning more about its priceless value.

Our team at Soliman Productions has worked hard to earn our status as an industry leader, building a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise in video production. We believe in not only providing professional services to the DC community but also utilizing educating clients about the value that professional video can hold for their association.  

Here are our top 5 reasons that every association should consider adding professional-shot video to their marketing lineup.

  1. Connecting with existing members and adding value to their experience. A high-quality video that tells the story of your association and its important events and goals can connect with members on a much deeper level than a generic written piece. Show them rather than just tell them what is going on, and make them excited to be a member.
  2. Generating revenue year-round. Events aren’t the only time you can raise funds; video can be utilized to generate revenue year-round. Especially with the technology of social media, it gives your association a way to reach countless people.
  3. Cross-marketing on association platforms in a professional manner. When your association is looking for an eye-catching way to approach your cross-marketing on association platforms, a video is a perfect choice. A talented video production team can create a piece that truly tells the story of what your association is all about.
  4. Staying leaps ahead of your competition. Standing out from your competition doesn’t have to be complicated; hiring a production team to create a professional video will place your association on a whole new level.
  5. Recruiting new members and attendees to join the association and come to events. Potential members and attendees are sure to get excited about your association when they see a dynamic, creative video featuring your work and events.

To learn even more about how investing in professional video production in Washington, DC can serve to set your association apart from the rest, contact Soliman Productions today.

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