How LinkedIn Live Video Will Disrupt Events

LinkedIn is joining other social media platforms adding Live Streaming to their platform. The  social media acknowledged the importance of live media, and is beginning to allow handfuls of organizations to broadcast real time video to specific groups.

The feature called, Linkedin Live,is using an invite-only beta version currently. However, we have no doubt that it will be available to all companies soon. When it does come out, using LinkedIn Live in the event and meeting industry will give companies that extra coverage, and only be an extra marketing tool.

Pete Davies, Director of Product Management at LinkedIn, said, “Video is the fastest-growing format on our platform right now, and the one most likely to get people talking. Live has been the most requested feature.”

“There may be another reason beyond user requests for why LinkedIn is expanding video: it’s proving to be a strong engine for engagement and revenue growth at the company,” Davies added.

Linked members spent three times viewing a LinkedIn video than in a static content. That being said, the event industry more than anyone will want to use LinkedIn live. Linkedin Live may ask a fee from companies broadcasting events to see exclusive events in order to generate revenue, but will most likely pay off for companies.

Currently there are only a few chosen businesses with LinkedIn live as it is testing, but if it is offered to your company, you should be ahead of your competition, and we’re here ready to help.. Here are four ways Soliman Productions can help capture your LinkedIn Live for events.

Live Stream Your Event

Whether you want to share a session or have an interview with a keynote speaker, using Linkedin Live gives the audience on the outside a view in, and a feeling that they are in there. We know LinkedIn is the place to be for top professionals, and these people are often at industry events as well. This adds a huge benefit to live streaming events and meeting activities, and becomes a way to drive results for business on LinkedIn.

Office Hours

Speaking of driving leads, “office hours,” or giving your company weekly or monthly chats based on a topic related to your industry can also put you as the expert in the field. Soliman Productions ensures that everything in your live video is its best quality to capture an audience from LinkedIn.

Showcasing Sponsors and Partners

Showcasing stories or products around your sponsors and partners using LinkedIn Live can be a much more innovative way to involve them. Soliman Productions will find a unique and creative way to display them on your Linkedin Live stream.

Weekly or monthly round ups of industry news.

Report on what the latest news or trends are of your industry using Linkedin Live. This positions you as an authority in your field, and is more likely to be watched than a blog article or press release. Soliman Productions goes above and beyond to make sure your story is being told, and Linkedin Live creates an outlet to share updates.

With the latest LinkedIn news, businesses of all kinds will have an opportunity to tell their story on a professional platform that is already naturally targeted. In the meantime, we are continuing to help with live streams across all digital forms so we can always be ahead of the game.

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