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5 Good Reasons Your DC Organization Should Do More Video Messaging from Its Headquarters

Video production in DC can be a great way to showcase your DC headquarters!  Video messaging directly from your HQ is a highly effective form of outreach, and it’s now more affordable than ever.  Regardless of a company’s size or budget, video production in DC is a cost-effective and highly effective messaging tool.

If you haven’t thought about the advantages of professional video messaging, here are some points to consider.

Five Reasons Video Production in DC Makes Sense for Your Corporate Outreach

1 – Create a new level of comfort among your member/client base.

Trends in corporate relations change, and right now, buyers want companies which seem approachable.  By making your brand -and your headquarters- more directly accessible via video, you’ll increase your level of perceived transparency and help draw in those who dislike “faceless” corporate entities. 

2 – Send out messages in a timelier manner.

Video production doesn’t have to take a lot of time!  In many cases, a single afternoon’s filming and a weekend of post-production are all that’s needed to produce a high-quality and compelling video.  You can stay on top of your outreach, while still embracing the most attractive of messaging tools.

3 – Increase your brand’s mindshare.

Videos are huge right now.  There’s no more singularly effective way to get your message out to people and have people then share that message with others.  Professional video is a great way to increase mindshare with both existing customers and newfound leads.

4 – Add more value for your members/customers.

A video isn’t just informative – in the right hands, it can be seen as a value-added service.  People fundamentally enjoy watching videos, when they’re well-made and entertaining.  A professional production company can create video products your clients or leads will legitimately like and want to watch, adding to your perceived value.

5 – Generate revenue through use and reuse. 

The other great thing about video is how flexible it is, particularly modern digital video.  Clips can be dropped into other corporate videos.  Still, pictures and audio can be cut out and repurposed, adding marketing value every time.  Plus, there’s the sharing potential.  A video which “goes viral” can be a gigantic income-bringer.  

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