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March 2018 Recap | Video Playlist | Soliman Productions

Watch Our March 2018 Recap

Below is our video playlist consisting of some of the highlights of what we produced here at Soliman Productions.

Your Video Marketing Strategy Drives Value | Soliman Productions

How To Create A Video Marketing Strategy That Can Drive Value

Video content is now recognized as an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. It’s a lot harder than simply getting approvals, budgets and content ideas in place though. How you reach your target audience, capture attention and convert prospects is what matters.

Here are a few ideas from the team at Soliman Productions, based on our extensive experience with customers across DC, on what you can do to make your video marketing strategy competent, affordable and successful.

  1. Define your goals: What sort of video do you want to create? An educational one? One that is entertaining as well as practical? One that talks about your brand’s story? What do you want your audience takeaway to be?
  2. Put together an outline: What is the scope of your video production work? Will these videos be used internally or externally? Do you want individual videos for specific products, departments or functions? These ‘content pillars’ become an integral part of your video marketing plan, and help define what kind of videos tell these stories best.
  3. Assign responsibilities: An in-house videographer may be able to accomplish a number of things, but it makes sense to get an experienced professional when it comes to something as crucial as brand identity. Video marketing budgets should also acknowledge that a successful plan outlines responsibilities for concepts, scripts, approvals, logistics, and distribution.
  4. Hosting your content: So your videos are ready. Will they be hosted on your company website or a public distribution channel like YouTube? Your decision has a direct impact on conversions, SEO-optimization and search rankings.
  5. Measure performance: There’s no point creating a video if you have no KPIs in place for measuring its impact on your site and business. Video is extremely easy to measure, which is a great thing because it can define how successful your video marketing plan is on the basis of metrics that can track every aspect of its performance. Attention spans, drop-off rates, click through rates and total consumption are all effective measurement tools.

There are a number of things to focus on while creating a video marketing strategy, and every aspect of it can boost business growth if deployed well. For more information on video production and video marketing in DC, contact the team at Soliman Productions and find out how we can help you create videos that work to your company’s advantage.

A Corporate Videography Checklist from Soliman Productions

A Pre-Production Checklist for Great Corporate Videography

Video production is an integral part of any marketing plan, but can also be stressful if you’re not sure about what you want. There are a lot of studies and statistics about the effectiveness of video marketing, but little on the actual video production process.
Soliman Productions has had the opportunity to work with businesses across DC for years, and we recommend this pre-production check-list to ensure great corporate videography:

1. Understand your audience: The first step towards video production is identifying and defining who your audience is, to create more targeted video content.
2. Specify your message: What do you want your video to say? The more specific your message, the more effective your video can be.
3. Look at the budget: This gives you a better idea of what can and cannot be accomplished within your specific goals.
4. Work on your script: All good video production starts with a script that is written and re-written to make the actual shoot a lot less stressful.
5. Try and be brief: The average attention span is just 8.5 seconds. If your video doesn’t get to the point quickly, you stand to lose your audience’s attention.
6. Specify length: Video production should look at conversion and completion metrics. Don’t create a 10-minute video for what one that lasts 2 minutes can do.
7. Authenticity matters: Audiences trust experts, not actors, and peers over advertisements. Keep that in mind while working on pre-production.
8. Break it down: A storyboard and shot-by-shot list of every scene can give you a pretty good idea of the final product.
9. Production schedules help: This shows if your video production is going according to plan. Always overestimate the time you will need, and think about whether you need a studio or location shoot. Check locations in advance, and determine what equipment you will need.
10. Talent management: This involves creating a call sheet for everyone involved, short-listing talent and setting up rehearsals.

93% of marketers now use video in their campaigns, with 82% confirming that it has made a positive impact on their business. If you’re looking for a video production company in DC that recognizes the challenges of an effective video marketing plan, get in touch with Soliman Productions today. Our team will be more than happy to help you with suggestions, recommendations or anything that can help your corporate videography be more effective.

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